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Sola Cube Botanical
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[ENG] The Sola Cubes are created by Japanese designer Koichi Yoshimura and feature real, hand-picked plants that have been encapsulated in resin cubes. The intriguing patterns within, humbly shaped by nature, are perfectly preserved in a transparent cube where skilled Japanese craftsmen place the plant, perfectly centered and make sure that no air bubbles are trapped within the cube.

[SWE]Sola Cubes är skapade av den japanske designern Koichi Yoshimura. Kuberna består av handplockade växter som sakta sänkts ned i komposit, där de kan för evigt beskådas i sin naturliga glans. Skickliga japanska hantverkare använder sig av kunskap och stort tålamod för att eliminera luftbubblor och se till att växten är perfekt centrerad  i kuben.

Dimensions: 40mm x 40 mm x 40mm

Bunny Tail Grass
Bunny tail grass is a member of Poaceae family, native to Mediterranean region.Bunny tail grass is exactly what its name implies. The shape and color of golden flower panicles are attractive as an ornamental plant.

Botanical essence: Strong but gentle

Originating from Australia, the vivid colors and texture of the Strawflower are dry, hard and papery in order to conserve moisture in the inner flowers in dry conditions.

Botanical essense: Reliability

Globe thistle
The thorny Globe thistle consists of ndividual buds. After the bloom, the sphere turns into a soft and fluffy flower.

Botanical essence: Secret

The puffy ball that forms after the Dandelion’s bloom, is made up of individual seeds. In dry and weather, they are like parachutes, following the wind, spreading the flower to new places to grow.

Botanical essence: Live like the wind

Globe amaranth
Like red pom-poms, the speckled red flower of the Globe amaranth is a popular and decorative plant. The long-lasting red color has made it a popular flower to dry and keep for a long time.

Botanical essence: Love