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Sola Cube Mineral
115 EUR

[ENG] The Sola Cubes are created by Japanese designer Koichi Yoshimura and feature real, hand-picked minerals that have been encapsulated in resin cubes. The intriguing patterns within, humbly shaped by nature, are perfectly preserved in a transparent cube where skilled Japanese craftsmen place the mineral, perfectly centered and make sure that no air bubbles are trapped within the cube.

[SWE]Sola Cubes är skapade av den japanske designern Koichi Yoshimura. Kuberna består av handplockade mineraler som sakta sänkts ned i komposit, där de kan för evigt beskådas i sin naturliga glans. Skickliga japanska hantverkare använder sig av kunskap och stort tålamod för att eliminera luftbubblor och se till att mineralen är perfekt centrerad.

Dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 50mm

Rock crystal
Ice-like crystal naturally created in hot springs, where the slowly cooling process forms crystalization of cilic acid into rock-like formations.

Desert Rose
Sourced in Marocco the desert rose is composed of calcium carbonate and iron, the latter giving the crystal its red hue. All crystals are made by nature and vary in size an color.

This purple quartz stone, often found in Siberia, Sri Lanka and Brazil. Used in ancient greece, benefitting from its inherent properties to prevent intoxication and allow warriors staying calm and level-headed.

A mineral naturally created by iron and sulphur, often mistaken for gold and sparks when stricken by another mineral or metal. Hence the name, which stems from the Greek word ’Pyr’ meaning ’fire’.

Found all over the world, Aragonite was named after it’s first discovery, near Aragon in Spain. The mineral is made up of calcium carbonate and iron. The latter giving the stone its light red hue.