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Supper Club: The Temporary Table
155 EUR

Fare. Form. Community.

An experience at the Temporary Table is a full evening. Seated along a large communal table in the immersive aesthetic space, 16 guests are invited to spend an evening with us, observing the preparation of and enjoying a joint meal while interacting with us and other table companions throughout the process.

 The Temporary Table serves up an experience that is far more than the five vegetarian courses and accompanying beverages served over the course of the evening. Spearheaded by food visionary, creative director and author Martin Nordin, the meal takes diners on a multi-sensory journey of stories, memories and emotions through the use of various aromas, flavours, textures and visualisations.

”My focus has shifted away from ingrained patterns and preconceptions about what a meal should be like. When I cook, the context and the setting is at least as important as the food”, says Nordin.

Purchasing a ticket for a spot at the Temporary Table is like acquiring a ticket for any event. The ticket allows guests entrance on arrival and covers all of the evening’s gastronomic proceedings. The ticketing system also allows us to compensate our producers up front.

We ask that guests set aside three to four hours for the experience. Please get in touch with us directly at hello@typeo.se regarding food allergies or questions. 

We look forward to welcoming you at the Temporary Table.

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